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During the years your employees go through a number of life events with you. From birthdays and anniversaries through to pregnancies, weddings and long service landmarks, leading to retirement, a great company recognises these special and significant life events with an appropriate gift.

The latest government advice for UK employers states that you don’t have to report or pay on a non-cash award to an employee if they’ve worked for you for at least 20 years, the award is worth less than £50 per year of service and you haven’t given them a long-service award in the last 10 years.

This means your business can give a non-cash award with a value of up to £1,000 for 20 years’ service.

But how do you spend such a budget on a gift that’s worthwhile?

When it comes to birthdays and other smaller celebrations, you may face a similar conundrum of how you show them how much they are valued with a personally selected gift whilst still sticking to a business budget.

We recognised these challenges, which is why we launched our Celebration programme for time-pressed professionals keen to offer gifts for employee birthdays, work anniversaries, long service milestones and for other times of Celebration, like the completion of a course, a project deadline or a ‘go live’.

It’s so easy.

1. Simply provide us with a spreadsheet detailing the name of each colleague celebrating, the date and the occasion.

2. Select a gift from our portfolio of artisan producers. Or we can suggest a number of suitable gifts for you.

3. Your gift will then be wrapped and dispatched using your company colours, encompassing your logo and a personalised gift message.

We handle everything else. If you’re struggling to find ideas for long service awards, birthday gifts or for those other celebratory moments, speak to us!

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