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We’ve Got VIP Gifts All Wrapped Up

Have you ever struggled to find a really special gift? When it comes to employee and client gifting, there seems to be plenty of people who can sell you the standard – the gold watch, the fragrance, the gift card. But what if you want something that really shows how much you value the recipient?

Sometimes, the normal just doesn’t cut it. Take long-service awards, these have changed significantly in recent times. Previously it would have been usual for an employer to present a long-service award after 25, 30 or 40 years service. However, it is now common practice to recognise an employee even at 12 or 24 months!

Did you know that 67% of employees believe that a formal ‘thank you’ in front of colleagues is a worthy alternative if the current economic situation means an organisation cannot afford other incentive options? Can you imagine the percentage that hold a thoughtful gift in high regard?

Whatever the date, in the world we live and work in, any gift or award must be seen to have value to the employee in order to have the desired effect on motivation and engagement, or to simply be memorable for the right reasons.

Our GTY Collectibles range includes items like antique pens, globes and desk memorabilia, books from a certain era, or on a certain subject, as well as typewriters, maps, or even music memorabilia. Each box is beautifully wrapped and can contain multiple items that each hold sentimental value. What about a map of where they lived, worked or where first hired? Perhaps sporting memorabilia from their favourite team?

We’d love to discuss the range with you. Drop us an email and tell us about your VIP