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Engagement Idea: As you go gifting

Finding the right incentive can play a significant part in reducing absenteeism, encouraging motivation and keeping staff engaged.

For example, research tells us that 88% of employees agree it’s important that employers reward employees for great work. But how can you purchase a reward that people really appreciate and feel is meaningful and memorable?

Here at GiftedToYou we know that many companies looking for employee rewards and gifts really enjoy the process of scrolling through our portfolio – but that some simply don’t have the time. We say if this sounds like you – simply let your employees choose –that way you don’t lose the momentum.

The key to showing you care is regular, consistent rewards and engagement. You can easily make the move from large blowout gifts to regular, mid-level expense gifts that really stand out.

You could create a points-based reward system, or even use your existing employee rewards platform, and instead of cashing out at the end of the year, you could allow employees to use the points awarded to them to choose their preferred reward from the rich and varied portfolio at GiftedToYou. By working with us, you can ensure that employees are getting rewards whatever the season and that the ball is in their court for what they pick!

This puts the employee in a better frame of mind as they undertake their work, and when employee recognition is continued throughout the year, it may actually cost less overall and represent less stress than your annual gifting of days gone by. You don’t even need any technical wizardry – why not drop an email to your star performers with a value to spend on site? We can take care of all the rest, from the packaging, design and delivery.

If ‘as you go’ gifting doesn’t fit your business model, then don’t worry. Take a look at our gifting range and Celebration programme – we’ve got something for every business!